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French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, are thought to be descendants of the English bulldog breed. According to some, the first bulldog was introduced to France by workers from Nottingham during the Industrial Revolution. These miniature bulldogs became so popular in France that they almost disappeared in England in the 1860s. The French Bulldog was possibly created by crossing miniature bulldogs with Terrier Boule in France. At the Westminster Kennel Club’s New York show, the new breed was first seen in America. These Bulldog puppies make great companions for children.

French Bulldog Puppies – Characteristics

French Bulldog puppies are not always cheerful, funny, or friendly, despite their glum expressions. This breed is generally well-behaved and can be adapted to any environment, including an apartment. They are friendly and affectionate, have a good temperament, and can be boisterous. Ball chasing is a favorite sport of theirs. They are active, alert, and playful. The puppies may grow up to be couch potatoes but they love to go for walks in cool weather and play when they are happy.

This sweet-natured, sensitive male breed can be aggressive towards other dogs. They are generally peaceful, however. Bulldog puppies need a lot of love and affection to be happy. Bulldogs are stubborn and can be difficult to train.

French Bulldog Puppies – Consider Compatibility

Only consider purchasing Bulldog puppies if your lifestyle and personality are compatible with the Bulldog breed’s traits and requirements. This will ensure that your pet is not a burden to you.

  • French Bulldogs are not the right choice if you don’t want to deal with snorting and snuffling and occasional slobbering.
  • This breed is ideal for busy people who want a pet that doesn’t require much exercise.
  • French Bulldogs may not be the best choice if you want to provide security for your home and have it guarded by a pet. They are slow to respond to stimuli and do not bark often.
  • You must be very careful if you have a swimming pool at your home. Frenchies cannot swim because of their squatted body and heavy heads.

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